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I had a great experience with the delivery guy, actually. (Don't take that wrong :). I'm new to online ordering and I gave him cash for the order and a generous tip--forgetting that I had put the food on my debit card! So I had paid twice. There was a knock at the door and there he was, giving me $61. It warmed my heart that he was honest and u set stood that I had made a dumb mistake.

The restaurant: really it wants to be a Japanese, not Asian fusion. They do the Japanese best, the Thai and Chinese not so well. The pad Thai in this order was disappointing.


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Second time ordering and the food was still very delicious. Delivery was earlier than expected and the food was hot and fresh. The sauces complimented everything perfectly. I wish the lemongrass soup had more shrimp in it but the shrimp was huge so I sort of understand. It was still very tasty. The egg rolls were cute and crispy on the outside like they should be. The main dish was very good and I had to save some as left overs. Would order from here again.


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Everything was perfect. Food cames fresh and warm. Definitely not like the picture as shown. Because is take out. I have been to the restaurant so many times since I knew this place. The presentation is amazing and the service is terrific. If the food cames cold, I won't blame at them. When the driver hand the order to me, his hand was cold and red. Thank you guys. WONDERFUL.


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So many options on the menu - able to please everyone - which made how beautiful and delicious the food was a bit of a surprise (how can they do so many things so well?!). Lunch bento box was plentiful and lovely to look at and a bargain for the amount and quality of food. And then order arrived so quickly! This may be our new go to for ordering lunch in at work.


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I honestly order here all the time and really should have posted a review before now. This is probably my favorite restaurant in the area. I order from here at least once a week, if not twice or more. Food is typically on the upper side of on time, and the Thai iced tea almost always spills. Otherwise, the food is delicious and the delivery people are friendly.

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Top Reviewer
Best sushi spot in the area. The noodle soups paradise roll and chicken yakatori are my faves. I've dined in but mostly get delivery. Service is always great and so is the food. Delivery is always on time or early. I used to order from Sake across the street. I ordered the same thing every time and they started charging me more for my rolls without seaweed out of nowhere and that's when I tried Asia harbor. If you go to sake and Are curious about this place just try it trust me it's delicious. I order from here at least once a week.. Too bad they didn't have customer reward cards lol


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This is my favorite sushi place. The food is always great and on time. The only thing that I cannot do is eat without checking every detail of the food because more than two times have forgotten part of my order. I dont mind that much because when I call them they are always nice and attentive and always try to make it up by sending the remaining or at least apologizing. If you order here you are not going to regret it. Human mistakes happen but among all the restaurants I have ordered I think Asia Harbor knows how to deal with this kind of situations.


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Surprisingly one of the best take outs Ive had in a long time. Gyoza (pork, fried) and Pad Thai (chicken) were delicious, fresh, steaming hot and just enough spice! Fresh lime wedge with the Pad Thai was a nice touch, and the bean sprouts and peanuts were nice and crisp (not blended into the dish which can cause sogginess). And the sauce for the gyoza... omg so good! I altered a dish to suit my 2 and 4 year olds and they followed instructions AND kids loved it. Rare nowadays! Cant wait to try some other menu items.


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Food was really good. I think I found my go to Asian Fusion place for work. It's fast and good. I ordered the shumai, shrimp gyoza, chicken pad Thai lunch special, and fried cheesecake. It was all so good and it came so quickly. My tummy was happy. P.S. They do need to work on their dumpling dipping sauce though. It was pretty much just soy sauce. They need scallion, red pepper flakes, oyster sauce, and whatever else makes it good.


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Wow! Okay. This place is so good. Very quick delivery - within 35 minutes. Everything was correct and they gave utensils and napkins. Can't wait to order from here again! I ordered gyoza, spicy tuna roll, egg roll (i seriously judge places off their egg rolls and THESE ARE THE BEST), and general tso chicken which came with a salad and rice. Thh I actually think i received sesame chicken but idc bc it was still so good!

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